Ghoomer Dance of Rajasthan

Ghoomer Dance of Rajasthan

Ghoomer is a traditional dance form which hails to Rajasthan, India. Performed by women in Rajasthan, the dance form has gained immense popularity across the globe & is ranked 4th in the list of "Top local dances of the World".

Performed during special occasions, such as weddings, festivals & religious gatherings, the dance form is performed to worship, Goddess Saraswati. Originally performed by the women of Bhil Tribe, the dance form has gained popularity & is now performed by most Rajasthani households irrespective of their status.

The dance typically involves performers pirouetting while moving in and out of a wide circle. The word "ghoomna" describes the twirling movement of the dancers and is the basis of the word Ghoomer. While performing the dance form, women are seen wearing beautiful "Ghaghara" - in colors like red, green, orange, pink or blue with heavy embroidery or mirror work along with blouses. A veil covers the head and is adorned with mirror work. Women also wears traditional silver jewelry and glass bangles.

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